Feb. 25, 2021

The Patient Experience: Part 1 - E33

The Patient Experience: Part 1 - E33

The Patient Experience: Part 1 - E33

If we want to be successful as practice owners we need to run efficient business operations and be able to adapt to the world around us. The key to both is having a good sense of where you are currently and knowing where you want to be. In order to do this we are going to take a deep dive the next few weeks into the patient experience and break it down point by point. Our goal will be to do a poor man's version of a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

Before They Are Patients

Before a patient comes into the office they are evaluating you. Your social media presence, website, and online reviews are incredibly important. 

Social Media

This is something that needs to be kept up to date and current on a monthly basis at minimum, but honestly you should have weekly content. It cannot be all science and eyecare, you have to humanize your office and yourself. Find a way to connect to your patients and provide relevant content.


This needs to be current, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly. Make sure they can easily access your hour and how to contact you. Photos of your office that are professionally done and a list of your services go a long way as well.


Whether this is done via facebook, google, or a relevant platform in your area, this is how you will be judged. People want to know what others think of your office and they like authentic information from patients. Do not get caught up in a negative review, it shows the human side of your office and we all know that there are “crazy” people for every industry. Your patients will know an outlier when they see one.

Communication (phones)

Whether it is email, website contact forms, text messages, or actual phone calls, you need to make sure you respond quickly and accurately. I will focus on actual phone calls, but know each medium matters. That being said, do not fall victim to putting your newest person on the phones. This is the first line of contact and you can lose a patient before they even walk into your office if they are not given the correct information. Make sure each person that answers the phone is trained and can provide the answers that phone shopping patients will ask.

When They Come In

When they actually come into your office, you need to give each patient a five-star experience. Make sure to stay true to your brand, but at the very least you have to make sure the office is clean, your staff greets them, and you live up to your online messaging.

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