April 13, 2021

Office Talk: Iron Sharpens Iron - E39

Office Talk: Iron Sharpens Iron - E39

It was a pretty interesting week. Dr. Hass from Owosso was interested in learning about sclerals, so we had him and his lead technician come to the office Saturday. We went over basics of sclerals, how to do a fitting, dispense, and how to handle follow up visits. We also covered some basic troubleshooting tips. It was very fun and having to “teach” required me to learn and understand the information at a higher level.

I encourage you to learn information with the intent to teach. You will be amazed at the increased level of understanding you will develop. Also, try to collaborate with fellow doctors. It is fun and just sharing some of our stories was enjoyable. 

In addition to the “teaching” session, I had a live webinar with Dr. Kuzniar from Birmingham, Michigan and we went over the ins and outs of Zenlens. As you know, the Custom Stable Elite from Valley Contax is my go to and I am looking for a solid backup. After hearing about Zenlens, I think this will be my backup with the Ample Eye as #3. 

Overall, I have just further reinforced my passion and enjoyment for sclerals and specialty lens fits. Stay tuned next week and I will have more updates for you.

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