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Immensely helpful
I started listening to this podcast summer of 2022 after an old classmate sent me an episode. I have since gone back and listened to every one. During every episode I find my self writing down one or two thanks that I want to implement the next week in my cold start practice. Most other content that I have found elsewhere is either not entirely specific to where I am an in my cold start journey, or filled with industry marketing. Dr. Lillie tells it like it is, and my practice and team is much better for it. Thanks!

A First Class Podcast
Dr. Lillie truly cares about his listeners and brings information that is applicable and valuable to anyone who is in the World of Optometry!

We need more practical podcasts like this! This is loaded with actionable steps that improve life in the exam lane and as a business owner. Keep it up Dr. Lillie! Dynamite!

Exceptional content. Lots of action steps to quickly implement.