April 16, 2021

Closing Thought of the Week: Do the Thing - E39

Closing Thought of the Week: Do the Thing - E39

Closing Thought of the Week: Do the Thing - E39

As optometrists we are the consummate preparers. We all went to high school, undergrad, and grad school to get where we are. Think of the numerous hours we spent studying the eye, exam scenarios, preparing to be the best doctors we could be. We take that principle with us in life. Whether we are reading about how to run a faster marathon, properly train for a triathlon, or give an effective presentation, we love to prepare.

Let me give you some perspective. What time period did you learn the most as an OD? I would say our first year of practice has the biggest growth curve and after that we kind of find our groove and know exactly how we want to handle any situation that arises. Experience is the best possible teacher.  I say this with the subtle nudge to stop over preparing and get in the arena, make some mistakes, learn and grow.

The quicker you actually do whatever you want, the more you will learn, and the better you will become.

Do not wait, do it this weekend! 

Talk to you next week my friends!

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