Nov. 11, 2020

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E17

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E17

Office Talk + Myopia Management - E17

I went to see my primary care doctor for a yearly physical this week and I always use the experience to try to improve my office, get new ideas for flow and patient care. This visit did not disappoint. 3 things I took away.

  1. Do not have your patient fill out their health history online and the proceed to ask them the same questions in the office. I spent 15-20 minutes filling out their review of systems online only to be asked the same questions in the office. This is so frustrating and makes me feel like my time is not valued.
  2. My doctor was on leave, so I saw a substitute. He had a digital picture frame in the exam room that was showing pictures of him and his wife in Ireland, his daughter's wedding, and other family photos. I thought this was a great way to humanize the doctor and make him more relatable. Remember that your patients need to see you as a person and any way you can humanize yourself will allow you to deliver better patient care. 
  3. This was true before masks, but it is even more important now: we need to remember to talk to our patients and make eye contact. The technician did not look at me once and merely stared at the computer she was typing answers and data into. In the world of masks, all we have is eye contact. Take that away and the experience is becoming quite robotic and impersonal FAST.


Myopia management

It was a slower week in regards to pediatric patients. However; I will say you need to always be ready to discuss myopia, its risks and treatment opportunities. Just like our first day of practice, we could not say we only want simple myopes and spherical contact lenses. You get what walks in the door and have to be ready for each patient problem presented to you. Myopia is no different and you never know who will hear your message and help grow your niche. Be ready and be vigilant my friends.

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