Nov. 4, 2020

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E16

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E16

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E16

Another week has come and gone and the office is as busy as ever. The things that have stuck out with me this week is the importance of feedback and the need to be flexible in regards to myopia management.

To begin, as I have told you , I have been working with 4Patient care and they send every patient an email after their exam asking them to rate their experience. We have been getting some pretty awesome reviews and then we got a low rating. It was a 5 out of 10 and included the patients comments. 

How do I handle this you ask? I called the patient, apologized for not giving her a 10/10 experience and let her know we take her comments very seriously and are going to address her concerns going forward. Her complaint had more to do with her experience of waiting uncorrected and then subsequently what she viewed as a lack of help picking out glasses (nothing groundbreaking). 

The point of me bringing this up is not the comment or rating. People can give a poor review or rating for so many things, the thing that has resonated with me is the increased effort I have put forth with every patient knowing they are going to be asked to rate me after their exam! I am super motivated and if I am going to get graded, I want to get a 10! I am going to pass this on to my staff and I would not be surprised if they up their games knowing they are going to get a rating afterwards. Accountability is good for us all and if we get past our feelings and listen to what is being said, we are all going to be better for it.


In regards to Myopia management, remember these are VIP patients. If they have issues or concerns, I get them addressed immediately. I had a patient that was having some comfort issues and I think I saw the patient 3 times in the past 7 days. What it came down to is that the patient is experiencing some dryness and needs to lubricate her eyes more frequently during the day. 


What I want you to take away is the following: when you are dealing with kids and the parents are paying a premium for your services/therapy, you have to give them a higher level of service and care. It is expected and you have to know it coming. Make room on your schedule, give them the time and answers they are seeking, and watch your niche grow!

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