Oct. 14, 2020

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E13

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E13

Office Talk with Myopia Management - E13

Listen to or read the rundown for episode 6. I discuss the steps you need to take to accomplish the goals of your practice. I have been doing that currently for my own office and realized I need to attack efficiency. There are 3 big things I am currently taking on and very excited about.

We need a new practice management software that is up with the times. We are upgrading from Officemate to Eyefinity Practice Management. It will offer online scheduling capabilities, a better verification system, the ability to batch claims and contact lens order, and just make my staff's lives easier. This will hopefully result in better patient care.

We are working with 4PatientCare in regards to appointment reminders and recalls. Again we need to stay in line with the times and are going to be able to text and email patients. This will free up my staff's time from making phone calls and trying to track down patients to pick up their stuff. 

I am going to hire an independent contractor to do my billing. My current billing department (office manager) is overworked and dropped the ball on 9-12 months of claims. This is unacceptable and I am the reason because I did not stay on top of it. Thus the need to upgrade. Trizetto will be my new clearinghouse and the biller will handle claims, denials, and invoicing patients. 

Have a vision and make the changes necessary to get where you want to go!

In regards to myopia management, I had 2 day 1 visits and both patients were rock-stars. They were pretty much 20/20 after the first day and super excited not to have to wear correction. I am creating a marketing plan going forward to keep the current patients feeling loved and cared for and educating the general population on the new technologies available in eyecare. All in all it is an exciting time at my office!

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