Jan. 13, 2021

Office Talk: New Practice Management Software - E26

Office Talk: New Practice Management Software - E26

Office Talk: New Practice Management Software - E26

This weeks' office talk is an assortment of fun. You all know that the day to day operations can be a little chaotic and I like giving you a first hand look into my office. Good or bad, I will serve as a great example or a horrible warning, nonetheless, read and enjoy!

New Practice Management Software

We have been prepping to go live with Eyefinity Practice Management for the past 6 weeks. We finally went live this week and gong show is an understatement. From the first to the last patient, things did not go as planned or practiced, but we survived. 

As a leader these situations are bound to happen. You have to know that it will be better in the long term and a little pain in the interim is a necessary evil for growth. I was sure to keep the stress levels just under a boil. The chaos and awkwardness will encourage my staff to learn and adapt, but we cannot risk losing buy in and having a revolt, so I was constantly trying to keep people calm and help them find answers. 

Additionally, I had told them from the very get go, there would be hiccups, we just need to adapt and survive. They did just that and as the week moved on, things got better and started operating more smoothly. Had I let our emotions get out of whack or insufficiently prepared my staff, we could have fallen on our face and reverted back to the old ways of doing things. 

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