Jan. 6, 2021

Office Talk: Growth Update - E25

Office Talk: Growth Update - E25

Office Talk: Growth Update - E25

The office has been crazy the past few weeks. We are going live with our new practice management software, seeing our myopia management patients for their 3 month follow-ups, fitting scleral lenses, and training on our newest piece of equipment, a Cirrus OCT.

Scleral Lenses

The fits have been amazing. If you have struggled with sclerals or are looking for a new option, I cannot say enough about the Custom Stable Elite by Valley Contax. Easy to fit, great customer service, tons of support in growing a scleral lens practice. 

That being said, there have been a few self inflicted bumps in the road. The first was really easy to fix and that is remembering to vertex convert if your over-refraction is over +/- 4.00. I always do with my soft contact fits, I just never thought to do it with my scleral over-refractions.

Secondly, NEVER NEVER NEVER forget that your trial lenses have powers in them! I fit 5 patients in the last 2 weeks and 2 of the 5 patients, I ordered the over-refraction and not the power the lens should have been when factoring in the trial lens. It made for an interesting dispensing appointment when I could not figure out why I had a symmetrical over-refraction and the patient was happier in the trial lenses than his custom lenses!

No pain, no growth my friends!

Myopia Management

I have been really happy with my myopia management patients and their response to treatment. Until this week. I had an 11 year old caucasian female come in for her 3 month follow-up. She is being treated with 0.025% atropine and does not have any desire to try soft contacts or ortho-K. Her axial lengths were stable OU but her Rx was up -0.50 OD and -0.25 OS 4 months after her last comprehensive and 3 months after starting treatment.

I would love to start ortho-k or soft CL’s, but instead will monitor and if she progresses at her next visit increase the atropine to 0.05%. We shall see what happens.

Tune in next week and I will fill you in on the adventures of new practice management software and the OCT training.

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