March 10, 2021

Office Talk: Buy the Chair - E34

Office Talk: Buy the Chair - E34

Office Talk: Buy the Chair - E34

Another week has come and gone. Let me give you a brief office scenario that I am sure you have experienced in your offices. You may just have to change the pieces and parts, but I am sure this happens to some extent at all offices on a daily basis. 

First, we hired a new staff member and as a result needed to rearrange where people are sitting. This caused one of my staff members to have to move to a new “chair”. It was not a bad chair, just different, and well you know how people do with change. I know what you are thinking, just let her take the chair she was in or have her deal with it. well, I could not move the chair due to space and aesthetic concerns (believe me I tried), so what did I do? I bought the staff member a duplicate chair of the one she was in. 

Now let's take a look at the big picture. It's a chair and we have much more important issues to deal with to run a successful office. Your staff, on the other hand, is all watching. Are they heard? Do you value them? How long before the “new/different” chair leads to job dissatisfaction? I know it is a little thing and maybe cost me a hundred dollars, but I hopefully gained some goodwill with the staff for a time when I may not be able to be so accommodating. 

We face a ton of little battles on a daily basis and you ultimately have to choose which hills to die on. I know you are thinking, if you give a mouse a cookie, they are going to want a glass of milk. DO not be afraid of this, you ultimately make the decisions and when your staff feels comfortable asking for little things and seeing you listen, they may just come up with a few ideas that can make your office better, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

Rest easy my friends, and buy the proverbial chair!

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