Oct. 7, 2020

Myopia Management Journey - E12

Myopia Management Journey - E12

Myopia Management Journey - E12

As I grow my myopia management practice, certain clinical pearls and principles are developing in my treatment protocol. I will share 3 I have learned up to this point:

1. Do not prejudge a patient.

Your job is to provide the best possible patient care and maximize visual potential. If that means myopia management therapy, you should not let the cost of treatment hold you back from presenting it as an option. You will be surprised at the things a parent will do to give their child the best chance to be successful. 

2. Orthokeratology is a tool in your tool kit to treat myopia.

It is not myopia management in itself. That being said, if you find the right patients (willing to wear the retainers and home run prescriptions) it is an awesome treatment option. I would say it is my favorite form of therapy at this point.

3. I have found that scheduling borderline patients, your low hyperopes, emmetropes, or mildly myopic patients, for 4-6 months follow-ups to remeasure axial length, visual acuity, and refraction is a proactive measure that parents are fully on board with. If we see progression, myopia management is the next logical step. I see it as setting a solid foundation to start therapy.

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