Sept. 23, 2020

Myopia Management Journey - E10

Myopia Management Journey - E10

Myopia Management Journey - E10

It has been a great week and the practice is growing. We had 3 consultations this week and 3 patients decided to go into the program. After 4-6 weeks (I have lost count) we now have 5 patients in the program. If you commit to it and actively work to educate parents, it can be done, and you can grow this niche.

Some takeaways: 

1) I charge a global fee regardless of modality. It may seem like a patient will not pay the same for drops as ortho-k, but that has not been my experience. Gary Gerber has said the same, and I believe that is how Treehouse Eyes operates. 

2) My presentations have become about half the length. I set aside 45-60 minutes initially. I now feel 15-30 minutes is more than adequate to cover what needs to be covered. 

3) Promotion of myopia management starts with promoting eye exams. You get kids in for exams and then educate about myopia and the need to manage it. There is not a super secret pill to getting started, just do what you have been trained and make sure people are aware of the benefits of routine eye care. 

4) Up to this point I have focused on the front end. Recruiting, educating and starting therapy. I now have to make sure the people in the program are not only getting the best possible care, but also staying motivated and in the loop in regards to communication. I will elaborate on this next week.

That being said, I could not have asked for a better start, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Stay tuned as we continue to grow.

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