Dec. 17, 2020

How to Make "Consistency" Increase Your Profitability - E23

How to Make

How to Make "Consistency" Increase Your Profitability - E23

Something New or Something Familiar

Think about the last vacation you took. When you got to the location where did you go out to eat? You wanted the local food or restaurants that you cannot find at home, so the chain restaurants are out, right? Now think about your 9-5 during the week. If you are in a hurry you want something known and something certain, so you will hit up a local franchise (think mcdonalds, burger king, taco bell, etc..). “Why is this?” you may ask. The answer is because of consistency and certainty.

Consistency and Certainty

I believe we need to apply this principle to our practices. People want to know that when they come to your office, they are going to get the care and service they know and expect and not be hit with any curveballs. The question is how do you create such an environment in your office? Let me show you how and as a side effect, your office is going to be more efficient and efficiency will boost profitability.

Staff Challenge

The first thing you want to do is find the areas you want to evaluate. I suggest starting with work-ups, making an appointment, and picking out glasses with a patient. Ask each one of your staff members to write down the steps for each. Have them do this alone and you are going to be surprised at the variation you find. Take their lists and make a master copy of the way YOU want these things done and train your staff accordingly. 

Not only will this make your product more streamlined, it will ultimately help you create a training manual. Going forward any new employee will know exactly what is expected in each situation.

Enforce the Consistency, Consistently

The process above is only going to be valuable if you or the office manager follows up and make sure the protocol is being followed. If you do not show it is important and the way you NEED things done, people will quickly revert to their old ways and what is comfortable to them. As with anything, you need to be ready to implement the changes you are making. Start slow and with one task at a time. Over the course of a year you will streamline your office product and your patients will thank you for it!

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