Nov. 2, 2020

Cold Start: Know Who You Are - E16

Cold Start: Know Who You Are - E16

Cold Start: Know Who You Are - E16

Do you follow college or pro athletics? If yes, this will be intuitive to you, and if not let me explain the point I want to make. In college or professional sports, the head coaching position is not an entry level position. That is the head coach has probably been in the coaching ranks (as an assistant) for 20+ years. When they get their chance to be the head coach, they have thought about how they will run their program, handle certain situations,  and all the intricacies associated with the position more times than optometrists have said "which is more clear 1 or 2"!


Now, once they ascend to the head coach position, they invariably have moments of adversity and things do not go as planned. At this point all the talking heads, experts, and people who have never been in the position themselves, come out of the woodwork and tell them what they are doing wrong and how they could do it better. Think about the position the coach is now in, they have reached their dream job and can acquiesce to the masses, or continue the path, plan, and philosophy they have dreamt about their whole lives. Quite the conundrum eh?


Well guess what?!? You as a new business owner are going to be put in the same position. When you open cold, everyone you talk to will have a bit of advice and plan for you to follow. It can be friends, family, colleagues, or even the reps that sell you frames or equipment. If you are not confident in your plan and have a clear vision of the office you want to create, you are going to do a bunch of things suggested by people who have never done it themselves.


I am not saying that you should not ask others for help and advice, I am merely saying that if you do not have a strong sense of identity going into the opening of your office, you are going to try to be everything to everyone, which consequently will end up making you nobody to no one!


Have a plan, believe in yourself, and walk the path less traveled my friends.

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