Jan. 4, 2021

Cold Start: Find a Mentor! - E25

Cold Start: Find a Mentor! - E25

Cold Start: Find a Mentor! - E25

Simply put, when you start an office, you are not reinventing the wheel. There have been many that have come before you and there will be many that come after you. That being said, the answers to your questions (which will be many) are all around you. Find a mentor or create one.

Find a mentor

This is the traditional way we think of mentorship. Find someone that has done or is doing what you want and pick their brains. Ask questions and figure out philosophies, then make your own small adjustments. Going it alone is possible, it is just much harder than it needs to be.

Create a mentor

You have a small network and are not sure who to talk to? That is fine. Create a mentor. How do you do this you ask? The answer is simple and easy: find an office or person that is doing what you want and study them. It may sound a little odd, but I do this all the time with podcasts, webinars, magazine articles, etc. Take what you want and make it your own. If you read about an office doing something you want to do, call and ask questions like you are a patient. 

At the end of the day, consultants or gurus know they can tell you verbatim what to do and you will hear it, twist it and do your interpretation of it. That is why they have jobs. Save yourself the money, do some leg work and take what is out there and freely accessible to you and create your version of the perfect office! 

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