Oct. 9, 2020

Closing Thought of the Week: It's Not About You! - E12

Closing Thought of the Week: It's Not About You! - E12

Closing Thought of the Week: It's Not All About You! - E12

I was listening to a podcast about starting a business. The person being interviewed was talking about just starting out and having a friend that was already quite successful and owned many businesses. The new entrepreneur asked the grizzled veteran for advice. He asked things such as: “How do I market my business?” “What do I do to grow the business?” “How do I train my staff?” After 3-4 of these types of  questions the grizzled vet replied, “ You really are going to have a small business aren’t you?” 

This kind of rubbed the rookie the wrong way, and he replied that his response seemed kind of harsh. The vet then said, everything you are asking is “I, I, I”. You need to start thinking “who, who, who”. You are never going to grow or have anything worthwhile if you do all the work.

The point of this is as practice owners, we need to remember we are the CEO’s of our offices/businesses. Our time is valuable and we need to spend it on 1. Seeing patients 2. Growing the business. We hire people to do the day to day. Just food for thought as we enter the weekend.

Talk to you next week! 

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