March 5, 2021

Closing Thought of the Week: Find Your Why - E33

Closing Thought of the Week: Find Your Why - E33

Closing Thought of the Week: Find Your Why - E33

Do you remember the days when you dreamed about having all the things you currently have in your life? Think about it. You wanted to graduate high school, college, optometry school. Check, check, check. You then wanted that new car, house, or to take that vacation you always dreamed about. Check, Check, Check.

Spoiler Alert, this is going to keep happening as time goes on. Whether it is your family goals (spouse, kids) or professional goals (your own office, hit the million dollar mark) they will continue to be achieved. If you are merely goal driven individuals, this can become kind of unfulfilling. You may wonder if there is more that merely checking things off the list, well the answer is yes and it can be simply explained as your “why”.

Find your why and make everything you do be synergistic to support your why. It is not easy, and very few people reach the point of self development where they merely work and play for their “why’s”, but we are optometrists and I am sure we are ahead of the curve.

Find your “why” and experience true happiness!

Have a great weekend!

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