Sept. 25, 2020

Closing Thought of the Week: Don't Let One Mistake Become Two - E10

Closing Thought of the Week: Don't Let One Mistake Become Two - E10

Closing Thought of the Week: Don't Let One Mistake Become Two - E10

So this is not original as it comes straight from “The Art of Learning" by Joshua Waitzkin.

The book was solid, but this one point has stuck with me and I wanted to share it. Essentially, in life you cannot let one mistake affect your next move/future. Life can be a slippery slope and if you get too caught up in the moment, it is going to affect you far longer than it should. Let me illustrate with a story from the book that I will tell in the first person, but realize the story is not my own exact experience, it is just the best way to convey the point I am trying to make.

“So when I was in Chicago, I was walking down the magnificent mile and came to a crosswalk. We had to stop and as per usual there were tons of people waiting with me. To my right was a woman, dressed quite professionally, who seemed to be a local and not a tourist. She was looking down at her phone and not paying attention, and half standing in the bike lane. Well out of the corner of my eye, I see a biker zooming down and I thought he was going to run her over. Well by some matrix like wizardry, he dodged her and merely clipped her elbow. She stumbled and almost lost her phone. Well at that moment  she should have refocused on her surroundings and made sure she was not in any more danger. Instead she spun around, extremely angry and full of emotions, and started yelling at the biker who was riding away. At that moment, she took a step forward, not thinking, and BOOM! She got blasted by a cab! I swear she went 5 ft high. Thankfully, nothing was broken, she was fine, just a little bloodied, bruised and shaken.”

The moral of the story is do not let one mistake cause you to lose focus, operate on emotion, and lead to you making another bigger mistake (i.e. DO NOT GET HIT BY THE CAB!)

That's all for the week. Have a great weekend!

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