Feb. 12, 2021

Closing Thought of the Week: A Healthy, Happy Life - E30

Closing Thought of the Week: A Healthy, Happy Life - E30

Closing Thought of the Week: A Healthy, Happy Life - E30

I recently listened to the Tim Ferriss Podcast featuring Michael Phelps and Grant Hackett. For those unaware, they are olympic level swimmers who have multiple medals. They were discussing training and the 30-40 hour weekly training schedules they maintained for years. Ferris asked them about how they did not break down and what they did for recovery. Now, I was expecting some revolutionary response such as a supplement or recovery method and guess what they said? The first two things on the list were appropriate sleep and adequate water consumption. 

Think about that. There are no magic pills or answers, it seems like the real solutions are right in front of us all along. So, I wanted to give you the 5 things I think are most important to a long, happy, healthy life.

  1. Sleep
    1. Make sure you are consistent and getting enough
  2. Water consumption
    1. I am not saying drink a gallon or give a specific number, just drink a little more even if it's one glass. A little is better than none, right?
  3. Flexibility
    1. Muscle pulls, back injuries, torn tendons. Age gracefully my friend and start by touching your toes!
  4. Inflammation
    1. Reduce it! Eyes, joints, you name it and inflammation is affecting our entire body. I cannot say with certainty how to eliminate it, but the more we can, the better we will be.
  5. Stress
    1. Mental health and reducing stress is a must. I do not care how, what, or why, but this has to be a priority in our lives.

There you have it my friends, the secret to life and longevity. Now, if you can send me the game plan for each, I would appreciate it.

Have a great weekend and remember health is wealth!

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