Sept. 10, 2020

Finding The Employee of Your Dreams - E9

Finding The Employee of Your Dreams - E9

Finding The Employee of Your Dreams - E9

The past few weeks we have been discussing staff and I am going to continue that this week. I always feel there are two important aspects to staffing. 1) getting the right people on the bus 2) putting them in the right seats. This week I want to focus on the former. How do you get the right people on the bus?

Know What You Need

You will never know if you are hiring the right person if you do not know what position you are hiring for. You and your office manager need to have a very detailed discussion about what needs you have and what personality, skills, and ability types work well in that position. Make sure to consider the current people doing those tasks. Do they need to work together or are you moving that person to a new role? You should generally have this figured out for every position in your office. If you do this you will not fall into the trap of hiring out of need/desperation. You want to put a fly in the vaseline? Hire fast and see your delicate ecosystem crumble before your eyes.

The Job Ad and Interview Process

 When posting a job, make sure you are marketing your office. If you want fun, energetic people to work for you, they need to know your office is fun and energetic. Groundbreaking, I know, but how many job ads start out with merely a list of requirements? Pump up your office to attract better candidates and consider where you advertise the position. Honestly, Facebook has been a HORRIBLE spot for me. Word of mouth referrals and have been my go to resources and the job pool has been slim pickin’s as of late. Local chambers of commerce websites are also good possibilities. In my opinion, you get what you pay for, so suck it up and be ready to pay. A good staff member is worth it!

When conducting the interview process, I like to start with a phone call with general screening questions. You can choose to highlight gaps in the resume, make sure they meet your minimum requirements for the position (hours, wage, etc…), and you get a chance to see how they are on the phone. Remember this is how they will be representing your office and if their phone voice is subpar, I would not move forward. 

Additionally, the phone interview is the foundation for the in person interview and job shadow. You are looking for consistency from the candidate and if they tell you one thing on the phone and another in the in person interview, you may question their authenticity. The more touch points you have and people you have interacting with in the process, will allow you to make a better decision on the hire.

Closing Thought

A wise man once told me that the person you are interviewing will never be better than how they are on their interview day. Think about it, after the interview they are only going downhill from there. They are TRYING to impress you in the interview, after that, they will have expectations of how YOU are going to help them out. Well if they are late, dress poorly, or are unpolished to the point you do not think they will be a good fit with your patients, DO NOT THINK you can change them. People are who they show you they are, believe them!

Good luck and happy hiring!

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