Nov. 12, 2020

3 Opportunities for Growth Even in a Pandemic - E18

3 Opportunities for Growth Even in a Pandemic - E18

3 Opportunities for Growth Even in a Pandemic - E18

I am always trying to find opportunities and ways to expand and grow my office. I feel that even during a pandemic, this is no exception. Moreover, I feel the pandemic has actually given us a chance to grow in 3 key areas.

Computer Vision Syndrome

This was a real thing before we started working from home, having zoom calls, remote learning, and increased time on our smartphones and now it’s even more exacerbated. This is a good time to discuss the 20-20-20 rule and I would add an extra 20 in there. Remember this means for every 20 minutes you are doing near work, take 20 seconds and look 20 feet away. The extra 20 is to blink hard 20 times. Our blink rate decreases with near work and when we do blink, it is a half blink, which causes the meibomian glands to become clogged. In addition, ergonomics experts do not understand the optics of a progressive addition lens, so you need to educate your patients on correct workspace setup and consider discussing computer glasses.

Dry Eye

More and more of my patients are coming in and complaining about dry, red, irritated eyes. We as eye care providers owe it to our patients to provide them a plan of action. 1. Make sure to discuss artificial tears and know which drops address a deficient lipid layer. 85% of dry eye is due to a lipid layer deficit vs aqueous, yet the majority of artificial tears treat aqueous deficiencies. 2. Make sure you are addressing supplementation, specifically Omega-3’s. I like to recommend 2000mg/day and suggest re-esterified products. 3. Inform the patient about the necessity of good lid hygiene. My recommendation is lid scrubs, hypochlorous acid eyelid spray, and warm compresses at least 4 nights a week. 4. Then there is your traditional dry eye prescription medications of Xiidra and Restasis as well as treatments such as Lipiflow. 

As you can see you have a golden opportunity to discuss all of the above to a very receptive audience, take advantage!

Blue Light filters

I know the evidence is mixed and there is no clear data on blue light filters one way or the other, but hear me out. You realize that patients want to hear about this and they want to buy glasses with blue light filters. If you do not educate them and offer them an option they are going to get them from some other source. I only prescribe the Eyezen family of lenses and almost always go with the +1, so there is the aspheric design which gives plus power at near. You know plus at near is a good thing, so if you have issues with the blue light filter, at least justify it by giving them a little help at near.

The glass is either half full or half empty, I suggest you choose the former and grow your practice, even in the middle of a pandemic!

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