Jan. 14, 2021

3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win - E27

3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win - E27

3 Battles You Have To Lose To Win - E27

Customer service is the bloodline of every practice, do it well and you are healthy and growing. Conversely, if you are bad at it for too long of a period, your office is going to be on life support. That being said, there is no crazy formula, it is just little things done correctly day after day that will keep your office healthy. Here are 3 little things you can do to keep your patients happy and coming back for more.

Contact Lenses

We all have these patients, they wear their lenses longer than they should, push them to the limits, and invariably rip or lose their last pair and need lenses NOW. How do you handle these situations? You can go by the letter of the law, tell them they need to be seen before you can give them more. You would not be wrong and for some patients this makes sense.

However, if the patient is getting their lenses from you, I suggest hooking them up and getting them scheduled asap. Trials cost you nothing, you are building loyalty. If they do not buy their contact lenses from you, this is a good opportunity to explain that is one of the benefits of getting them from your office. Take care of your patients and do not die on principle.

Frame Issues

Frame issues can be the worst. Whether it is buyer's remorse, a dog eating them, loss, or getting hit in the face with a basketball, the manufacturer warranty is not going to help you. Do you offer a warranty in your office? Does that help if they do not purchase it? The answer is not easy or simple but let me give you some guidance.

You have to take it case by case, but I say air on the side of the patient. I know, you all think you are going to give everything away and lose your office. In all reality this may happen 1 to 3 times a quarter. Just grin, let the patient know you are super easy to work with and get them a new frame.

You will be surprised how much easier this is than haggling over price or simply refusing to help them out. You will build goodwill and that will not go unnoticed. Word of mouth is the best way to grow your practice.

Late/ Wrong Day/ Tough to schedule 

The pandemic has definitely adjusted my philosophy regarding these patients. It used to be if you can not find a time to be on the schedule or if you are late, I was definitely annoyed and would make it a little more difficult for accommodations to be made. I would usually give in eventually, but now I am thankful for any patient I can see.

Without patients, we do not have jobs or the perks and privileges our profession has afforded us. I will not lose sight of that. So, whatever needs to be done, I try to see the patient if they are late or show up on the wrong day. I will make scheduling exceptions more readily than before. Be easy to work with and know that the patients inevitably pay for us to do the things we do!

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