Sept. 2, 2020

Myopia Management Journey - E7

Myopia Management Journey - E7

Myopia Management Journey - E7

Next week I will recap my first myopia management patient’s dispensing appointment, day 1 visit, and their 1 week visit. I am still waiting for the week 1 visit, so stay tuned.

Something new this week is a shift in my views on distributors. Up to this point, I have been very pleased with Art Optical and the Moon Lens. As I have dug a little deeper, this has changed. I like the people and believe they will be very successful with time, but right now they are learning. This became evident when I went to order some lenses for a patient and was informed what  I was previously told was inaccurate. I truly appreciate their time and effort to help me learn, but I assumed they knew what they were telling me. Additionally, the results have been subpar and they do not instill confidence when I check in on some things. This is probably more a reflection of me and my current level of knowledge, but regardless, I am changing my strategy.

For my routine run-of-the-mill patients I will be trying Euclid. They have empirical ordering and when talking to their sales consultant, he pointed out that they have been doing this for years and this is all they do. If they suck at Ortho-k, they are out of business because this is all they do. It made sense to me and gave me confidence that they will know what needs to be done and all their staff will be able to answer my questions, help me learn. 

Furthermore, I am going to try GP Specialists for my more exotic fits and high prescription patients. They are very confident when I call and ask about these types of fits. I am more confident of what to expect with the process, so hopefully these more established designs and resources will allow me to grow with fewer setbacks.

Stay tuned and I will be sure to update on my experiences.

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