Sept. 10, 2020

7 Steps to Finding the Employee of Your Dreams - E9

7 Steps to Finding the Employee of Your Dreams - E9
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7 Steps to Finding the Employee of Your Dreams - E9

Highlights from this episode: 

7 Steps to Finding the Employee of Your Dreams(00:40)

The Cold Start: 3 Tips to Amazing Growth (09:43)

My Myopia Management Journey (17:40)

When it comes to staffing, I feel like we are forever searching for that diamond in the rough. That PERFECT staff member, right? Well, over the years I have come up with 7 key steps to make that search way easier. This is a MUST LISTEN segment for anyone running a practice! (00:40)

This week for the cold start, I am sharing my top 3 ways to have incredible growth in your fledgling practice. Not only will this help grow your practice, but I believe it will also build your confidence as both a doctor and a business owner. (09:43)

 Things are coming right along with my myopia management practice! I'm starting to get the hang of things and I am polishing up my presentation. Let me tell you, just getting in front of more prospects and having to go through everything with more people has helped tremendously! So, you will definitely want to listen in for a few things I'm changing up due to some recurring questions I've been getting. (17:40)

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