Oct. 22, 2020

5 Ways to Develop Your Leaders - E15

5 Ways to Develop Your Leaders - E15

5 Ways to Develop Your Leaders - E15

Highlights from this episode:

5 Ways to Develop Your Leaders (00:47)

Cold Start: Getting New Staff Up to Speed Fast! (16:07)

Office Talk + Myopia Management Journey (21:47)

The Run Down this week is Part 2 of last week's episode (5 Traits to Look For When Developing Leaders in Your Office - E14). So, you've identified your leaders, now you need to develop them! This is not a quick and easy job my friends. It takes a lot of time, energy, and effort on your part but trust me, if you follow these steps, your office will run so much smoother with great leaders guiding the ship! (00:47)

Whether you are starting a brand new practice cold, opening another location, or just had a lot of turnover, you may find yourself with a lot of brand new staff members to train. If done wrong, you could end up with a load of confused and unhappy staff members not to mention a chaotic and unprofessional practice that is no where near your standards. BUT, if you take these suggestions to heart, you will have less headaches training and your office will keep trucking along with not so much as a tap on the breaks. (16:07)

In my Office Talk this week I confess a nagging "fear" of mine with my practice and how it's affecting what I'm focusing on in my office. In my Myopia Management journey, I share about a patient I had this past week and how his axial length has even more cemented my stance on the importance of tracking axial length versus the prescription. (21:47)

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