Aug. 6, 2020

5 Ways to Communicate Your Brand Without Saying a Word - E4

5 Ways to Communicate Your Brand Without Saying a Word - E4
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Episode 4: 5 Ways to Communicate Your Brand Without Saying a Word

Highlights from this episode:

How To Communicate Your Brand Effectively (00:38)

Applying William Townsend's article in Contact Lens Spectrum, "CURCUMIN: A POTENTIAL THERAPY FOR DRY EYE?"to my practice (06:34)

Applying "ORTHOKERATOLOGY: NOT CUT-AND-DRY"by Nick Despotidis in Contact Lens Spectrum to my practice (10:09)

Applying "DRY EYE AND MYOPIA MANAGEMENT"by Kate Gifford in Contact Lens Spectrum to my practice (12:10)

My Myopia Management Journey (13:44)


As much as you may hate it, marketing and branding is a huge part of a practice... if you want it to grow and be successful that is! In this episode, I give several ways to communicate your brand effectively to your patients. (00:38)

There were several great articles in this month's Contact Lens Spectrum. The first article by William Townsend had some good takeaways regarding managing inflammation and ways to incorporate that into optometry (06:34).The second article with some actionable points in it was by Nick Despotidis which I KNOW will help with my ortho-k patients. (10:09) And, the last article by Kate Gifford gave some good insight as far as how to juggle myopia management with other issues going on (12:10). 

My friends, this week was a busy one my myopia management practice. Hear all about how to maybe NOT do a day 1 follow-up for ortho-k as well as how things are already moving along with myopia management consults! (13:44)

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