Nov. 19, 2020

5 Keys to Incredible Customer Service - E19

5 Keys to Incredible Customer Service - E19

5 Keys to Incredible Customer Service - E19

Highlights of this episode:

5 Keys to Incredible Customer Service (00:45)

Office Talk/CRT Compliance (20:42)

We all have had a time where we received poor customer service somewhere. How did that effect your purchasing behavior going forward? Did you ever go back there again? The same is true with our practices. If someone has a bad experience, it is NOT hard for them to go somewhere else and take their money, family, and referrals with them. In this episode I go over 5 keys to having incredible customer service and I think you'll find they aren't really that difficult, you just need to do it! (00:45)

When the future is uncertain, your staff need to know they can count on you. Today I talk about leadership in the office in the midst of a chaotic world and how no matter what the crisis may be, you need to be the beacon of hope that your staff can trust in. I also discuss my new experience of non-compliance with an adult CRT patient! (20:42)

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