July 30, 2020

4 Ways to Enhance Your Patients' Experience - E3

4 Ways to Enhance Your Patients' Experience - E3
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Episode 3: 4 Ways to Enhance Your Patients' Experience

Highlights from this episode:

4 Ways to Enhance Your Patients' Experience (00:33)

Review of “How to Create a DED Clinic” by Dr. Damon Dierker (10:18)

My Myopia Management Journey (21:20)

Patients make the practice go round right? So you gotta take care of them! In this episode I’ll give you 4 ways to enhance your patient’s experience and keep them coming back. It’s all about the little things my friends and just takes a little effort. (00:33)

The “How to Create a DED Clinic” article by Dr. Damon Dierkerin Optometric Management was a great one I read this week. There are 6 key things I believe we can all take away, apply to our practices, and be better for it! (10:18)

This week in my Myopia Management journey was a fun one! I learned a lot of great things and actually put rubber to road in implementing my protocols. It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but listen to how things went down. (21:20)

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