Dec. 31, 2020

3 Ways To Stay Motivated in 2021 - E25

3 Ways To Stay Motivated in 2021 - E25

How To Stay Motivated in 2021 - E25

Highlights in this episode:

3 Ways To Stay Motivated in 2021 (00:53)

Office Talk: Adventures in Scleral-land (11:10)

Cold Start: Find a Mentor (22:10)

With a new year comes the infamous "resolutions". You've all seen it and have most likely fallen victim yourself to a "goal" or "resolution" that you did not see through. In this episode I lay out exactly how to take these goals, dreams, aspirations and keep your motivation up to complete them long after the initial "planning high" is gone. Let's make 2021 a growth year my friends! (00:53)

In this segment, I am going through updates in all the fun niches of my office. We will talk about scleral lenses and where I'm at with that as well as how my myopia management practice is progressing as the months tick by. Lot's of ground covered and I'm excited for what lies ahead! (11:10)

For the cold start segment today I have a little story for you and we talk about how important it is to find a mentor. Work smarter not harder my friends. (22:10)

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