Nov. 12, 2020

3 Opportunities for Growth (Even in a Pandemic) - E18

3 Opportunities for Growth (Even in a Pandemic) - E18

3 Opportunities for Growth (Even in a Pandemic) - E18

Highlights from this episode:

3 Opportunities for Growth (Even in a Pandemic) (00:47)

Cold Start: Have a Vision (13:18)

Office Talk + Myopia Management (20:45)

It would be easy in the uncertainty and chaos of a pandemic to pump the breaks and postpone any new projects, etc. However, I believe this is STILL a good time for growth! In this episode I give you 3 great opportunities we have RIGHT NOW to grow our practices. (00:47)

You want to get people to have confidence in you and trust you as a brand new practitioner/office? You better have your vision firmly in place. People want to follow someone who "knows where they're going". (13:18)

Today in office talk, I go over the importance of communicating with not only your new staff members but ALL of your team. Taking time to read the room is important to making your staff feel appreciated and also make sure there aren't any issues that take you by surprise. (20:45)

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