April 13, 2023

What's Wrong with Obsession? - E144

What's Wrong with Obsession? - E144
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Optometry: The Ultimate O.D.

What's Wrong with Obsession? - E144

Highlights from this episode:

Run Down:  What's Wrong with Obsession? (00:37)

Office Talk: People, Numbers, Culture (16:24)

In today's episode we are talking about "obsession". Is it good, bad, both? A little obsession, in my opinion, is necessary for success. There are times and things that you need to be extremely dialed in and focused if you are going to make something great happen. Obviously, there are times and seasons for it but in general, it's a power to be used for good in your practice. (00:37)

In today's office talk, we are talking about three things I've been focusing on this year: Numbers (KPI's, margins, etc.), People, and Culture. Each of these are pretty massive in and of themselves but dialing each one in and focusing on just a few specifics is how I am improving day after day in my practice. 1% better is all we need to continually be in each category and we are going to move mountains! (16:24)

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