Nov. 4, 2021

What Language Are You Speaking? - E69

What Language Are You Speaking? - E69

What Language Are You Speaking? - E69

Highlights from this episode:

What Language Are You Speaking? (00:38)

Office Talk: It's all about the details! (16:13)

To connect with your patients and gain their trust, you have to be speaking their language. If you know they have a pain point, ADDRESS IT! Let them know you are hearing them! This also means tailoring what you prescribe (or don't prescribe) for them. Not everyone may NEED a new pair of glasses for example. Being upfront and honest with patients will build good will and trust so even if they don't buy now, they will come back and buy another year. Let's think long-term, my friends, and build those lasting relationships now! (00:38)

You know the phrase, "when the cat is away the mice will play"? It's a real thing! Not quite to that extreme in my office but, it is a real thing that if your standards aren't consistently being reviewed with your staff and reminders made, things are going to slip. It's another great reason to stay involved in your practice and keep everyone on the same page. Mistakes happen obviously but don't let it become part of your culture. (16:13)

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