Sept. 2, 2021

What Football Taught Me About Optometry [Holiday Episode]- E60

What Football Taught Me About Optometry [Holiday Episode]- E60
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What Football Taught Me About Optometry [Holiday Episode]- E60

Highlights from this episode: 

What Football Taught Me About Optometry (00:42)

Office Talk: Scleral Clinic Update, Docs going the extra mile, New Office low down (25:53)

You may not be able to tell by looking at me but, I played college football. Football was a huge part of my life for many years and consequently taught me many things and shaped me to be who I am today. Given that this is Labor Day weekend and the "start" of football season, I thought it would be fitting to share how this sport has impacted my life as an optometrist. (00:42)

In Office Talk today, sclerals are still booming my friends! I had an inspiring experience with another practice that referred a patient to me for them which I'll explain. Plus, I've been talking to doctors all over that are going the extra mile and let me tell you, they're going to do big things! With the ever changing climate of real estate and COVID, I have an update on the "new office". Don't miss it! (25:53)

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