Sept. 16, 2021

What Do You Do Here? - E62

What Do You Do Here? - E62

What Do You Do Here? - E62

Highlights from this episode: 

What Do You Do Here? (00:48)

Office Talk: Finding your sweet spot, Community, etc. (12:16)

I'm bringing back a famous John F. Kennedy story to illustrate the bigger vision of what we do every day. You need to know for yourself what your purpose is in your practice, community, staff, etc. Once you have this figured out, you can direct your time and energy to things that actually matter and not waste time with things that don't. (00:48)

I had a great conversation with a patient this past week who happens to be a very successful business owner. We talked about finding your sweet spot in life and business. This goes back to what I've been talking about a lot recently with deciding when and how to grow the practice. I also have some updates on things we've been doing in our community that have been great for us! (12:16)

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