This Will Hurt, But You're Going to Be Free - E147

This is Going to Hurt, But You're Going to Be Free - E147

Highlights from this episode:
Run Down:  This is Going to Hurt, But You're Going to Be Free (00:46)
Office Talk: The Sales Funnel (21:05)

In today's episode we are talking about those "issues" in practice that end up just consuming you (RX checks used to be like this for me personally). You obsess over this thing trying to make the patient see reason or make them happy when there is really a much simpler way of giving you both the outcome and peace you want: let them win or let them go. (00:46)

In today's office talk, we are talking about how to refer to yourself more for your specialty. It's a numbers game. You increase the number of people you are screening or talking to and you are inevitably going to find more people that fit the bill and sign up. I used to be a canvaser for a roofing company in college so I had the opportunity to hear "no" at an incredible rate and build my tolerance. No means next. (21:05)

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