The #1 Key to Longevity | E177

00:00 - Intro
00:31 - Run Down: The #1 Key to Longevity
17:51 - Office Talk: What are you talking about?
23:50 - Closing Thought: Stay Afraid, Stay Alive

In this week's episode we are building off of episode 176 and talking about longevity. Fast growth stifles longevity. When you grow fast, your root system is weak. You won't have the systems and infrastructure in place to weather the storms and maintain your success. Build and grow on a strong foundation and you will be in an infinitely better and less stressful place.

In office talk, we are talking about what YOU talk about to your patients. Patients are paying you for your expertise and will (more often than not) do what you prescribe. If you want to move something specific in your practice, talk about it in the exam room to every patient for a month and then see where you're at. You will be amazed!

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