Quick Hitter: Are You Setting Goals the Wrong Way? | E185

Quick Hitter: Are You Setting Goals the Wrong Way? | E185

00:00 - Intro
00:35 - Quick Hitter: Are Goals as Important as They Say?
12:52 - Closing Thought: What your respiration rate says about you

In this week's Quick Hitter, we are talking about what makes a practice successful. Is it goals... or is it maybe something else? My hot take is that it's NOT our goals. It's consistency and mastering the art of longevity, all of which come back to your big picture "Why". Whatever your "why" is for doing what you're doing is what is going to actually keep you motivated and moving forward through all the struggles that are going to come your way.

These somewhat arbitrary goals we set for ourselves probably have very little to do with what we actually want out of life and more to do with something we heard at a conference or a podcast that sounded like something we SHOULD be doing. Figure out your "why" for your life and work backward from there my friends!

Leave a comment or shoot me an email about something you've been struggling with and then your "why" or reason for pushing through and continuing to show up.

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