FOCUS: How to Elicit Change in Your Practice | E149

FOCUS: How to Elicit Change in Your Practice | E149

Highlights from this episode:
Run Down: How You Can Elicit Change in Your Practice (00:40)
Office Talk: How Focus has changed my practice (21:28)

In this week's episode we are talking about the key to making a change in your practice: FOCUS. In optometry we are blessed with the ability to specialize in so many things. Our scope of care is enormous! This can also be a curse though. If you do not dial yourself in and try to do everything, you aren't going to be exceptional at any of it. To really set yourself apart, make effective changes, and be a strong, solid leader for your staff, you need to FOCUS. (00:40)

In Office Talk this week I give an example of how focusing myself down helped in my own practice. I am a daily practitioner of this now that I've seen life on the other side of it. A lack of focus leads to a lack of trust not only from your staff, but also your patients. Do not give them reason to doubt you. Stand firm and get dialed in. (21:28)

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