Aug. 3, 2023

Using Your Expectations to Control Your Outcome - E160

Using Your Expectations to Control Your Outcome - E160

How Your Expectations Control Your Outcome - E160

Highlights in this episode:

Run Down: How your expectations control your outcome (00:47)

Office Talk: The spot that got away (16:46)

Closing Thought: 20 Hours to Mastery (24:14)

In this episode we are talking about the incredible difference it makes in business when you have intentionally set your expectations for a situation with the feeling that things are going to be difficult... but it's going to end well. When you expect the hard, you are either pleasantly surprised or you are right and you've already prepared for it. Either way you win and build confidence which then tricks your mind into continued ACTION instead of paralysis by analysis.

In office talk this week we are talking about the continuing saga of finding a new office location to grow. It looks like we are losing our plan B spot right now. Thankfully though, we are already in a much better place than we were when we lost the plan A spot. With this situation we had all our ducks in a row, great people on our team, etc. and things just didn't go our way with the property owner. Now we have some thicker skin built up and are ready to keep knocking and finding that great fit for a new location!

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