June 5, 2023

Ultimate O.D. Nugget - Procrastination is Wisdom

Ultimate O.D. Nugget - Procrastination is Wisdom
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Ultimate O.D. Nugget - Procrastination is Wisdom

Start your week off right with a little Nugget from Dr. Lillie!

This week it's all about what we can learn from procrastination. We always tend to view procrastination as something evil and a barrier to success. This is not wrong, but there is something we can take away from situations in which we find ourselves waiting until the last minute. This is a sign that this thing may not be your gift. Sure there are things that we may not want to do that will make us grow and better ourselves but that's not what we are talking about here. Maybe it's tracking your numbers, researching better billing options, following up on accounts receivable, or any other number of tasks that pop up for a practice owner. We all have something we hate spending our time on and that's telling us something about that particular job: It might be time to delegate it.

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