Sept. 3, 2020

Top 5 Ways to Limit Staff Turnover - E8

Top 5 Ways to Limit Staff Turnover - E8

Top 5 Ways to Limit Staff Turnover - E8

Highlights of this episode: 

Top 5 Ways to Limit Staff Turnover - (00:37)

Cold Start: Managed Care Plans - (12:45)

Myopia Management Journey - (16:50)

What's one of the WORST things about staffing? TURNOVER! Sometimes there's really nothing you could have done but other times, we make one of these classic mistakes. In this episode I share the Top 5 Ways to Limit Staff Turnover that I have learned over the years. (00:37)

Managed care is tough. Do you take it? Do you not? We have these same questions as experienced practice owners and it's magnified exponentially if you are starting cold! Here's my take on how to handle this when you are just starting out. (12:45)

I'm learning new things every week in myopia management! In this week's episode I discuss how important GOOD topography scans are and how to get them (new tips and tricks I'm learning) and why I'm even more sold on having a global fee for myopia management instead of a la carte treatments. (16:50) 

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