Oct. 14, 2021

Top 5 Tips to Connect With Your Patients - E66

Top 5 Tips to Connect With Your Patients - E66

Top 5 Tips to Connect With Your Patients - E66

Highlights from this episode:

Top Tips to Connect With Your Patients (00:36)

Office Talk: Sustainability, MCO Student Project, & Setting Expectations (12:13)

In our profession, we are constantly creating and building relationships (or we should be). You know those people who are just amazing at connecting with others and make you feel like you're the only one in the room? You can do that too! In fact, you NEED to be doing that with your patients. You will not only build loyalty from that patient for years to come, but you will be a better doctor to them because you actually KNOW how you can help make their life better. You will know what their needs are far beyond what you can find out with some quick screening questions in a workup. Trust me my friends, use these tips to improve your connections and relationships and watch your practice and patient satisfaction explode! (00:36)

In this episode's office talk I've got a lot of things I'm going over in my practice. First of all, burn out is a real thing my friends. You need to make sure you have a balanced schedule not only for you, but for your staff. Happy staff will get you happy patients. I was also contacted by one of my past interns who is now a student at MCO to review my practice for a project so you know I'm very excited about that! Then, in August I had my best month ever in my practice so coming into September and beyond where it isn't quite as gangbusters is something I have been proactively setting expectations for with my staff. Enjoy! (12:13)

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