March 11, 2021

The Patient Experience: Part 3 - E35

The Patient Experience: Part 3 - E35

The Patient Experience: Part 3 - E35

Highlights from this episode:

The Patient Experience: Part 3 (00:48)

Cold Start: Paying Yourself (10:39)

Office Talk: Staff Quizzes (17:26)

This week we finish up the Patient Experience series where we are taking a look at the process a patient goes through coming into your practice and seeing it all from their perspective. The final part we discuss today is covering everything that happens once the patient LEAVES your practice after their exam and optical. Use this viewpoint to do a SWOT analysis on your current office flow/procedures/etc. to find places where you could make things more efficient, cut out redundancies, fix pain points, or add something new to set you apart. (00:48)

I'm bringing back the Cold Start segment this week my friends! I share some stories about paying yourself when you first start out and how I handled friends and family not coming to my practice right away. Trust me, this could end up being a blessing in disguise! (10:39)

In today's Office Talk, I talk about something I added to my monthly staff meeting and it really sparked a lot of interest and involvement from my staff regarding our specialties! (17:26)

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