March 4, 2021

The Patient Experience: Part 2 - E34

The Patient Experience: Part 2 - E34

The Patient Experience: Part 2 - E34

Highlights from this episode: 

Patient Experience: Part 2 (00:50)

Office Talk: Mistakes & Office Updates (18:48)

Closing Thought: The Hedonic Treadmill (28:11)

In Part 2 of our Patient Experience series, we follow the patient through their actual exam with you and through the optical process. Remember to take a good look at your practice from the patient perspective to identify inefficiencies, issues, or areas that could be better. (00:50)

There's a small mistake that plagues me from time to time in the exam room and I want to know if you all experience this too! In other office talk, I've made some adjustments and improvements to my office from an office chair to tinted windows. This segment should give you some good ideas for your own practices! (18:48)

For today's closing thought, I'm focusing on the hedonic treadmill and how finding a grander and personal purpose is key to getting off the thing and actually enjoying your life. (28:11)

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