Nov. 18, 2021

The Discipline to be Great - E71

The Discipline to be Great - E71

The Discipline to be Great - E71

Highlights from this episode: 

The Discipline to be Great (1:18)

Office Talk: Growth phase, Always on (18:39)

You know as doctors that it takes discipline to do something great. You did that in becoming the doctor you are. The battle is not over though, my friends. If you want to have a successful, growing practice/career, the work and discipline must continue! In this episode I walk through a few areas of your practice (and life) that I believe you need to be hyper focused on and disciplined in to stay at the cutting edge and be the best you can be. (1:18)

I am excited to say that we are in a growth phase in my practice. We are getting 30-35% new patients consistently every month which is amazing but what that also means is that it's a little more work. Not only are there additional things you do in an exam with a new patient, but they are coming to you for a reason... and usually that reason is something like they weren't happy where they were going before. They are "trying you out" which means you better be bringing your A game! Listen in to see how I'm handling that and keeping things balanced in my office. (18:39)

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