Aug. 12, 2021

The Curse of Knowledge in Optometry - E57

The Curse of Knowledge in Optometry - E57

The Curse of Knowledge in Optometry - E57

Highlights from this episode:

The Curse of Knowledge in Optometry (00:43)

Office Talk: Rebranding my practice, new frame line update (14:04)

Not to sound arrogant, but we are pretty smart people as optometrists! It takes a lot of work and a lot of schooling to do what we do and with that, I think we can sometimes forget how it feels to NOT know something about the eye. Welcome to the rest of the world! Something that can make or break your patient's experience in your practice is how (or if) you communicate all that information to them. People want to feel in control of their care and the curse of knowledge can leave you feeling like what you know is common knowledge and your patient thinks you are extremely vague and unhelpful when it comes to their eye care. In this segment, I walk you through exactly how to combat this phenomenon. (00:43)

In this week's Office Talk, I have big news about how I am rebranding my practice! We are making some fun changes and I would love your feedback on them. I also have an update for you on the new high end frame lines that I've added. Stay tuned for more! (14:04)

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