July 15, 2021

Step-by-Step Guide to Amazing Customer Service: Part 1 - E53

Step-by-Step Guide to Amazing Customer Service: Part 1 - E53
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Step-by-Step Guide to Amazing Customer Service: Part 1 - E53

Highlights from this episode:

Step-by-Step Guide to Amazing Customer Service: Part 1 (00:43)

Office Talk: Growing the Practice & Office Culture (22:59)

We talk about this all the time on this podcast and that is the importance of customer service. In this episode I give a step-by-step guide to implementing that in your optical. I'm talking from how to set it up and explain it to your staff to the actual practice of doing it. I had to break it up into two parts because there was just so much good stuff in here that I didn't want to leave out. Use this in your practice and keep it growing my friends! (00:43)

In today's office talk, I'm going over some bigger things I do in my practice to grow. These things range from accepting every insurance you can (and why I believe that is a great move especially if you're wanting to grow), to figuring out where you should market your practice. I also was able to have a conversation with Dr. Katie Greiner this week and she is where I want to be! She leads a practice with 76 staff members and multiple docs and still manages to maintain a great office culture. I asked her how she kept her practice culture in such a huge practice and she gave some fantastic insight! (22:59)

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