April 29, 2021

Setting Up a Successful Optical - E42

Setting Up a Successful Optical - E42

Setting Up a Successful Optical - E42

Highlights from this episode:

Setting Up a Successful Optical (00:50)

Four Questions: Least Favorite Part of the Job? (12:49)

Office Talk: Big Announcement!! (21:03)

Optical is a huge part of our practices (usually) not only for revenue but also just the sheer space it takes up. I strongly believe that an old, dark, and outdated optical is a great way to discourage patients from buying their glasses from you. Don't worry though, I have a few ideas that might help you spruce up this area of your practice and turn it into a highlight instead of an eyesore. (00:50)

We are now on to the last part of the "Four Question" series we've been doing the last few weeks. Today's question is: What is your least favorite aspect of the job? There are three things that I can pick out that I'm not a big fan of that I will share with you. However, you will notice, these things may not be my favorite but I have talked myself into "liking" over the past decade. (12:49)

In this episode's Office Talk, I recap a staff member leaving and the effect that has had on the general feel of my practice. I also have a fun announcement for something coming down the pipeline that will sort of take the place of the "Cold Start" segment I have done in the past! Stay tuned for more! (21:03)

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