Sept. 8, 2022

Setting Expectations - E113

Setting Expectations - E113

Setting Expectations - E113

Highlights from this episode:

Setting Expectations (00:44)

Office Talk: Pain equals Gain (17:58)

In today's episode, we are discussing the importance of setting proper expectations... from your staff to your patients. People are having to deal with worse buying experiences right now which is a bummer for them, but that also means it doesn't take much for you to stand out if you so choose. Be that amazing customer service that they aren't getting anywhere else and see how the word spreads! Enjoy! (00:44)

In our Office Talk today, we talk about how letting the staff feel the pinch a little bit and being honest with them helped them see the big picture in our hiring journey. Knowing what our goals are helps them prioritize the things we are looking for in a great new hire. Again, setting the expectations! This not only is helping in our hiring process, but it's building trust and getting buy in from our current staff. (17:58)

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