May 6, 2021

Principles of Great Customer Service - E43

Principles of Great Customer Service - E43

Principles of GreatCustomer Service - E43

Highlights from this episode:

Principals of Great Customer Service (00:47)

Office Talk: Analyzing Current Office for New Practice Decisions (9:41)

A great example of exceptional customer service is how a conflict is handled. This is an art my friends and something that I have slowly been improving on since I began practicing. I have consolidated what I've learned down to several principals to easily share with you. (00:47)

Whenever you open an office, you know there are a million and one decisions to make. I have a good timeline where I am not crunched for time thankfully but I am not wasting time either. I'm starting to take a look at everything in my current practice to see what I want to carry on to the next and what I maybe don't. Come and enjoy the journey with me! (9:41)

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